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Back from Chicago

December 31, 2004 Leave a comment

We arrived back from our trip to Illinois to visit my wife’s family and got to see a white – as in snow – Christmas, as opposed to the dense white fog of Puget Sound.

Except for our departure flight out of Sea-Tac airport being late – which is probably common during the holidays, so I wasn’t perturbed – our flight on Alaska Airlines was great. The flight attendant giving the safety demonstration before taking off at Sea-Tac was hilarious and – had we not been belted in as we should’ve been – would’ve received a standing ovation. On the way back we rented their video and music player for a mere $10 for the whole flight and watched "I, Robot" and most of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Our friend Nick seemed to like it too.

We had a good time with our family and my wife got to see her dog, Misty.

It was a good holiday vacation but now it’s back to the grindstone as I complete my project at Microsoft.

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Welcome from Washington

December 4, 2004 Leave a comment

My wife and I recently moved to the state of Washington and are loving the view and the culture. It’s a wonderful place here and we’ve enjoyed our hikes, but we do miss our family and friends.

Life keeps us busy, however. Working for Microsoft is definitely a full-time job, but one I’ve wanted almost my whole life.

This blog is a personal blog, while my current blog remains geared toward the more technical side (except for a few posts that were added before went online).

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