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January 30, 2005 Leave a comment

Tracy and I spent the day with our friends Josh and Lynne, and Kevin. Josh is a fellow developer of mine on the Developer Division Sustained Engineering team, and Kevin is a product manager for a project we’re all working on.

We spent the afternoon at Traxx Racing in Mukilteo, WA. It was the first time I’ve been on a kart since – well, it’s been a very long time. Thanks to a little time playing Project Gotham Racing II on the Xbox, knowing how to take the turns helped me win 3 out of 3 races. Tracy did a good job of blocking me in the last race so I couldn’t lap her (albeit a second time :), and I realized just how much better leaning forward while driving – old granny style – can help around the turns besides leaning into the turn. I definitely recommend it.

Later we went to Kevin’s house and played a game of Clue since know one wanted to play me in "Scene It?", especially when Lynne said she loved "what’s-his-name" in the movie and I blurted out Tim Curry.

We later went to a great restaurant in Bellevue and topped off the night with some desert in Seattle, after a thrilling ride with Kevin in his Audi S4. I had Creme Brulée for the first time, which was very good. It was a nice restaurant and gave me a little exposure to the Seattle night life, which didn’t seem to bad when you’re in a rather large group of friends.

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Just a Little Snow

January 6, 2005 1 comment

A fear has struct western Washington. A fear…of snow! But this isn’t just any snow storm they fear, but one that could yield 1-3" of snow. That’s right – 1 to 3 inches.

I come from the Midwest where 1-3" of snow makes for a beatiful winter. I’ve driven hours through snow storms when you couldn’t see 5′ in front of your car.

What I fear here, however, is the Washintonians in the snow. They drive bad enough in the rain, either driving too slow or too fast. Those driving slow you can tell aren’t prepared for inclement weather. The fast drivers are just dangerous in normal conditions. From what I hear it gets much worse when there’s a little snow on the ground.

There is black ice to worry about and even 1-3" of snow can be dangerous, but here traffic slows down to just a few miles per hour and a new sea – a sea of brake lights – forms on land.

So what I fear as a Washintonian is Washintonians in the winter. God help us all.

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