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Karting and Culture

Tracy and I spent the day with our friends Josh and Lynne, and Kevin. Josh is a fellow developer of mine on the Developer Division Sustained Engineering team, and Kevin is a product manager for a project we’re all working on.

We spent the afternoon at Traxx Racing in Mukilteo, WA. It was the first time I’ve been on a kart since – well, it’s been a very long time. Thanks to a little time playing Project Gotham Racing II on the Xbox, knowing how to take the turns helped me win 3 out of 3 races. Tracy did a good job of blocking me in the last race so I couldn’t lap her (albeit a second time :), and I realized just how much better leaning forward while driving – old granny style – can help around the turns besides leaning into the turn. I definitely recommend it.

Later we went to Kevin’s house and played a game of Clue since know one wanted to play me in "Scene It?", especially when Lynne said she loved "what’s-his-name" in the movie and I blurted out Tim Curry.

We later went to a great restaurant in Bellevue and topped off the night with some desert in Seattle, after a thrilling ride with Kevin in his Audi S4. I had Creme Brulée for the first time, which was very good. It was a nice restaurant and gave me a little exposure to the Seattle night life, which didn’t seem to bad when you’re in a rather large group of friends.

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