What I Do

Some of my family and friends wonder what I do at Microsoft. A recent blog entry details some of what I do, but I don’t expect that to explain it so well.

I work in a team nested deep within Microsoft:

  • Microsoft
    • Server and Business Tools (STB)
      • Developer Division (DevDiv)
        • DevDiv Engineering (DDE)
          • DevDiv Customer and Product-lifecycle Experience (DDCPX)
            • DevDiv Sustained Engineering (DDSE)

There’ll be a quiz later.

So other teams in our organization produce the development tools Microsoft and most other companies and organizations developing for the Windows platform use. Our team makes sure that the products are servicable, meaning that patches can apply to those products. We now – under DDCPX in a recent re-organization (re-org) – also help develop and push Engineering Excellence (EE) throughout the division so that we don’t have to patch so much. It’s a tough job in an increasingly demanding market, but great strides have been and are still being made. This isn’t the ’90’s Microsoft anymore, and DDCPX is helping to develop more developer-centric relationships with developers outside of Microsoft and not just our partners.

With services like the Microsoft Developer Network blogs that have been around for a while and the many developer centers, Microsoft has already changed for the better. Our organization that I work in will help make that customer experience even better.

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