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I have a Confession

I have a confession. For most of my life I played percussion – from trap sets to the xylophone – as well as piano. I was considered good, too, having qualified for state orchestra (though I didn’t go because it conflicted with a major debate tournament) and making Jazz 1 my first year in high school. It takes a lot more hand-eye coordination than your average "air-drummer" realizes.

But the truth of the matter is…I can’t juggle. For almost 20 years I’ve tried but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I can pass two objects back and forth but – I’m told – that doesn’t count.

This week I saw a set of three bean bags on my office mate’s (till next Friday when we get our own offices) desk so I gave it a try during my brief lunch break. My manager saw me and gave me a few pointers and generously offered to help me learn.

Finally, after almost 20 years I gan juggle three objects for a few rounds and I’m starting to "feel" it like I did with drums and piano at an early age. My manager says that’s the key: to not think about it but to "feel" it.

I already have a knack for twirling and flipping drum sticks while playing (everyone loves a great show) and flipping knives (my wife hates that). Maybe after I get this juggling bit down I’ll move on to juggling knives…

…maybe in a couple years.

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