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New Backpacks

Tracy and I decided to use our dividend at REI in Seattle yesterday and bought ourselves two new backpacks. The two backpacks we wanted earlier – a Gregory Shasta (4,650 cu. in.) and Gregory Diva 60 (3,500 cu. in.) – were gone except for a few extra smalls of the former. We ran into the salesman – a fellow Eagle Scout – that fitted us before and he said that he’s been recommending Osprey packs from this year’s line.

The construction was very nice and is designed to fit off the middle of your back, allowing for good airflow. Tracy’s was actually less expensive than the Diva 60, but mine was quite a bit more expensive – requiring at least 4,500 cu. in. to summit Rainier, which I plan to do next year with MS Climb (the Microsoft Climbing group). After our dividend and the 20% off, however, it was just a little less expensive than what I wanted previously at regular price.

So, we ended up getting an Osprey Cresent 85 (5,100 cu. in.) and an Osprey Atmos 50 (3,000 cu. in.). Mine – the larger pack, of course – has both internal and external compression so the extra volume won’t be a problem for our "planned" weekend excursions.

Mine did have a small fray in the stitching that didn’t seem to matter too much. My fellow Eagle Scout discounted 5% – since it was flawed but was the last pack available – and I was able to keep it from fraying any further by melting the ends of the thread with a candle lighter. Good as new, as far as I’m concerned. If it ever does become a problem, REI will fix or replace it. I love that store (especially the Seattle flagship store).

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