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Flowers for Tracy

April 25, 2005 Leave a comment

We spent a good portion of the afternoon at the Pike Place Market today and picked up the following bouquet of flowers for $10. How much would the bouquet below cost you at your local florist? We pick up beautiful bouquets like this every time we go to the Market, and next weekend Redmond’s market will open – which is even closer.

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Re-capturing my youth with my new Djembe

April 18, 2005 Leave a comment

I previously mentioned that I used to play percussion and people said they enjoyed watching me play the bongos and congas, but I always wanted a djembe. They have a beautiful, deep sound and I can draw out sounds similar to those heard on both the bongos and congas with the right touch.

This djembe was hand-crafted in Mali in western Africa. I got a great deal on it at Guitar Center in Kirkland, WA, while looking at electric drum sets. While I’d rather have an accoustic set like my previous Tama Rockstar I sold early in college, the decreasing lot sizes in Puget Sound could lead to problems with the noise.

I know this djembe will bring me lots of joy and maybe I can even get involved with a group and play down at the Market sometime. I do miss playing for a croud.

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Sushi Land

April 16, 2005 Leave a comment

Tracy and I tried sushi for the first time with friends at Sushi Land in Bellevue, WA, last night. It was actually pretty good. I’ve already had a first taste of raw fish in a bento box in Redmond, WA, but never sushi. The experience was quite fun. The sushi (and other food) is paraded around a conveyor belt and you take what you like. We actually seem to have a taste for calamari and we even tried eel. It wasn’t too bad.

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Tulip Festival

April 11, 2005 Leave a comment

Tracy and I went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival today and had a pretty good afternoon. One of the larger tulip farms definitely attracks many visitors and has a nice garden in which to enjoy many diferent kinds of tulips of many different shapes and colors.

As you can see from the photos below and the new Tulip Festival photo album I’ve added, there is a whole sea of tulips that go on and on. It’s really quite beautiful, especially with the (somewhat) snow-capped mountains in the background.

You may not get the sweet fragrance of the tulips or the sweet, buttery smell of the kettle corn, but we hope you enjoy a few of our pictures.

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