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Memorial Weekend at Golden Gardens Park

May 30, 2005 1 comment

A bunch of friends and we spent a majority of the day at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle yesterday (Sunday). We had a nice big fire going, played Frisbee and flew kites. We even got to see three seals near the shore! Later we went to our friend’s apartment in downtown Seattle and sang karaoke on his Xbox.

Unfortunately it was a fairly cool and dreary day, unlike Saturday when Tracy and I were at Woodland Park Zoo, but we still had a lot of fun. Next time I suggested we’ll have to do a clam/lobster bake. Mmm!

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Woodland Park Zoo

May 29, 2005 Leave a comment

Tracy and I visited Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle today. We weren’t expecting Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Floriday; or the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska; but we were a little disappointed. I think the picture of the sign below sums it up: "Where are the Animals?"

Many of the habitats were empty, but the biggest problem was that many of the habitats were just the flora of the Pacific Northwest regardless of the animals it contained (much like the older regions of the Henry Doorly Zoo).

You could tell the people there today haven’t been to too many other zoos. They thought 30 or 40 feet away from a giraffe was really close, but see how close Tracy and I got in the picture below taken at Busch Gardens. The jungle was also lame compared to the Lied Jungle, which is the largest indoor jungle in the world and Omaha’s first total-immersion exhibit. If you haven’t been there you really don’t know what you’re missing.

To make up for today, Tracy and I will be taking a trip to the San Diego Zoo sometime. I’ve been wanting to go there since I was a kid and read a book about it, and it would make a nice mini-vacation (since it’s much closer now).

I have posted a few of the nicer photos taken today, as well as some from our Florida Vacation in 2003 and several from various trips to the Henry Doorly Zoo. We hope you enjoy them.

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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

May 21, 2005 Leave a comment

The Developer Division of Microsoft today went to the movies. Tracy and I, of course, chose to go to "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" (ROTS). Tracy said it was the best of all of the last three (episodes 1-3). I think it was the best of all 6.

Warning: spoilers ahead!


My favorite up until now was "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi", but despite the end it just didn’t have the emotional grib of ROTS. Though I expected it, it was still mortifying to know that Darth Vadar would do what he did in the Jedi Temple, but it was still hard not to feel sorry for him, knowing the seeming betrayal of his former master. All the same, he started his walk down the path to the Dark Side even as a boy.

This was a great movie and I feel it will do well – perhaps not as well due to the lack of dialog (which, based on the previous two episodes, was a good thing) – as "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" for various awards.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!

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Time with a car

May 20, 2005 Leave a comment

I previously blogged about the time it takes the and distance I cover on a typical morning. Here are the statistics for the time it takes and the distance when I drive to work:

  • Maximum speed: 42.1 mph.
  • Moving average: 24.6 mph.
  • Moving time: 8 mins, 57secs.
  • Stopped time: 1 min, 34 secs.
  • Total distance traveled: 3.67 mi.
  • Straight-line distance: 2.79 mi.

The moving average is longer because of fewer stops and I’m on the road much less – 36 minutes and 59 seconds less.

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Time for a car

May 18, 2005 2 comments

Mortgage or not, I think it’s time to get a car. I decided to take our new GPS with me to work this morning and track the time from our apartment to the office. Walking, waiting, and riding the buses are involved in this journey. Here is the statistics for today:

  • Maximum speed: 41.3 mph.
  • Moving average: 12.9 mph.
  • Moving time: 27 mins, 53 secs.
  • Stopped time: 19 mins, 37 secs.
  • Total distance traveled: 6.01 mi.
  • Straight-line distance: 2.79 mi.
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Enhancing Navigation

May 16, 2005 4 comments

We bought ourselves a Garmin eTrex Vista C GPS this weekend from REI and got a pretty good deal on it.

Being an Eagle Scout and having gone through Boy Scouts of America as a usually attentive learner I was tought basic and advanced orienteering. I’ll always carry a topographical map and a decent compass – a Suunto M-2 – but a GPS surely offers many advantages.

When we opened it we found a kitchen sink included, and while the GPS was finding and tracking satellites it was busy reprogramming our TV.

Okay – so it didn’t do all that, but it does provide a trip computer, a route tracker and projector, a compass with options to point to true north or magnetic north, storage for hundreds of waypoints – allowing us to map our path prior to leaving, uploading it into the GPS, and having it guide us on our travels – and much more. It even has GPS-enhanced games like a virtual maze or "memory" which you can play while getting exercise running from point to point.

While Parks and Recreation does ask that you stay on marked trails, the occassional side trip will be made easier and we can track our progress and know our elevation at all times. Not only is this a very handy device outdoors and while driving, it will be a lot of fun.

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Anniversary Dinner at Sky City

May 8, 2005 Leave a comment

Last night Tracy and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary at Sky City atop the Space Needle, icon of Seattle.

The view was quite lovely and the food was fantastic! Tracy had the Pancetta-wrapped Prawns and I had the Angus New York Strip Steak, and we both had wines from Washington – Tracy’s choice comes from just a couple miles north of where we currently live. The steak was one of the best I’ve had (and both hailing from the Mid-west, we know a thing or two about steak) and was cooked perfectly. Tracy finished her dinner with a Apple Tarté a la Mode and I had the Creme Brulée topped-off with one of the best-looking strawberries I’ve seen (most likely fresh from the market).

It was a delicious and romantic night – that is until we came home to our neighbors throwing a party till well past 3:00 AM.

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