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A Day at Twin Falls

Tracy and I spent the day at Twin Falls off I-90 near North Bend, WA. It was a nice hike that gave us some good exercise but was also relaxing at times. I got a chance to go rock-jumping again like I used to, bounding across the rocks in the South Fork of Snoqualmie River. Tracy tried too, and you can see what happened below!  Oops!

The cascading falls were very lovely. Near the trail head was a sign that says during the peak of the winter thaw 75,000 gallons of water per second rush over the cascading falls! I doubt there was that much after our dry winter this year, but even half of that is still a lot of water!

We almost made it to the end of the trail but got so close to I-90 that we could barely hear each other and were starting to hike under power lines. It was hardly natural and it was getting late anyway.

We did see a lot of berries along the way. They looked like raspberries but were much more prickly. Don’t worry, though, Tracy didn’t actually eat it. I’m still trying to determine what they are. The wildlife must like them, though – this was one of the only ripe ones we could find and few bushes had many left on them anyway.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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