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Loose Spark Plugs Causing Gas Fumes

We finally got our Saturn in to the mechanic to have it examined to determine why we were smelling gas – not exhaust – fumes. It was recently in for a 30,000 mile check-up (about 4,000 miles late) and was fine. Soon after we started smelling gas, especially when idling.

So we took it back into the mechanic and they looked it over and said there was no gas leaks (I could’ve told them that) and that if it persisted to bring it in. To make a long story short, we finally brought it back in.

They weren’t able to figure it out this time, either, so I called Saturn to set up an appointment. The mechanic at Saturn said this sounded odd, but familiar, and that they worked on a the same problem before and to have the mechanic to check the torque on the spark plugs.

After a couple rounds of "call the other guy" the first mechanic did and found 3 loose spark plugs. There was just enough gap that you couldn’t hear them rattle but that the fuel/air mixture was escaping into the engine compartment. They tightened them and the smell is almost gone (a little residual, but should be fine by this weekend).

What’s bad is that these were the OEM spark plugs and neither the mechanic nor I have touched them. But hey, at least it’s not a Ford!

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