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A Weekend at San Juan

Last week Tracy and I decided to take a weekend trip to the San Juan Islands. We left Saturday afternoon but didn’t get in until late Saturday night because there was an accident outside of Everett. Traffic on I-5 crawled for tens of miles.

We did have a nice seafood dinner on the cheap. You have to love the coast. We walked around Friday Harbor and out onto the piers.

Sunday morning we traveled to the west side of the island to Salish Sea Charters, who’s motto is "Start where the whales are". Quite true. As several places stated, most of the boats are from Victoria and have to travel quite far to get to San Juan Island’s west coast, and other tours depart from Friday Harbor on the east side of the island. It was a nice trip and we got to see a lot of orcas, as well as many facts from our naturalist. We also saw orcas from 3 different pods – the J, K, and L pods that stick around the Pacific Northwest.

We ended Sunday with a ride from Friday Harbor to the American Camp in the southeast corner of the island in what’s called a scootcar. It’s a half-covered, two-rider car that’s rather small but fun to drive. When we landed back on the mainland we stopped by an old-fashioned A&W that actually had mozza burgers – the only A&W in Washington we’ve found so far that even knows what a mozza burger is!

I’ll post a few pictures of our trip in the photo album.

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