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Backpacking in Mt. Rainier

Tracy’s first backpacking trip probably wasn’t during the best weather, but we enjoyed ourselves after that nice hot bag of re-hydrated beef stew!
We should’ve left Friday night so we could hit the trails early but decided to stay and do things with friends. We did get going early in the morning but found that around Mt. Rainier you need to have wilderness camping permits, which are themselves free but reservations cost $20 currently. We’ll definitely have to file for next summer to do the 93 mile Wonderland Trail.
Saturday was pretty wet and got pretty cold later that night. Tracy brought her fleece but was still a little cold. I boiled some water and stewed the dehydrated stew. In minutes we had a hearty meal. Unfortunately I forgot a few things we used to take along during long outings that we called "big adventures" in Boy Scouts and later in Explorers with my former Scout Master. We made note of them but made it threw the night mostly dry. The rainfly seeped a little bit but our sleeping bags were dry and we kept warm. Our backpacks were soaked, but some simple large plastic bags over them at night next time will (and has before) solve that. Fortunately in this case it was our only night there.
Sunday was pretty nice. It was still cloudy and most of the peaks were obscured in clouds but it was drier and, more importantly, down hill!
We will be planning one more, longer backpacking trip in late August or early September before the trails close when the weather is nicer, like it should be next weekend when my parents visit while on their trip through the Rockies. The weather should be like it was when I came here to interview for my current job.
All in all we had fun. I was a little disappointed that I was not able to take a decent photograph of Mt. Rainier over Reflection Lakes, site of some of the most beautiful and popular shots of Mt. Rainier. Hopefully next time. I also took a pretty nasty spill down some rocks while trying to get into a better position to frame a shot, but don’t worry…I kept the camera safe.
We hope you enjoy what few pictures I was able to take in the photo section with the same title as this entry (plus the date).
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