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Invasion of the Limax maximus

Some time back – shortly after moving to Washington – I wrote about the Tegenaria gigantea, or Giant House Spider. Now we’re being invaded by the Limax maximus, or Spotted Leopard Slug.
Slugs are able to thrive in the Pacific Northwest because of the cool and damp climate. You find them all over – in the yard, on my large gas grill, on our screen and even in our house! When we got back from backpacking trip last weekend we had our tent and rain fly out to dry. We brought them in for the night and the next morning we found mucus trails on our couch. Since they were dry they wiped up easily and I found the slug near the rain fly and put him outside. The next morning we found trails on the carpet and found that there was another slug we didn’t see.
While one of the prettier slugs, they’re still a nuisance. They’re as numerous as worms in the Midwest after a rain but make a bigger mess. They also get quite large. One night I saw one crawling up a support beam that was about 8 or 9 inches long! They do have a rather odd – but interesting – mating practice, however.
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