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A Weekend with My Parents

Before my wife and I moved to Washington my parents were planning a trip. Now with us here in the Pacific Northwest their destination changed a little. They made it out here this weekend and Tracy and I took them to many places.
After a day at Pike Place Market and several other events, I drove over to Alki beach where we were able to get some nice pictures of the Seattle skyline at night. You can find those in the Seattle photo album.
Sunday my prayers from the weekend below were answered and we had a beautiful sunny afternoon. We stopped several places along the way, including Narada Falls. There are just so many waterfalls throughout Mt. Rainier National Park that it’d be almost impossible to see them all, but Narada is one of the larger ones. I was also able to get some good shots of Mt. Rainier overlooking Reflection Lakes – one of the more popular spots for shooting Mt. Rainier. You can find those in the Rainier photo album.
With Mt. Rainier standing at 14,400 feet above sea level you can see it looming in all its majestic glory in the greater Seattle skyline. I get to see it driving down 520 to work most mornings in the summer. It’s just so huge it’s hard to imagine. When you’re closer to it it seems as though it’s not that much further to the top, but even at Reflection Lakes – just 4,585 feet above sea level – a little less than 10,000 feet remain!
If you get the chance, I highly recommend Reflection Lakes at N46°46.175′ W121°43.801. It truly is beautiful – when you can see the summit.
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