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Back from our Annual Tailgating Event

Tracy and I got back from our short trip back to the Midwest last night. We flew in late to Minneapolis and drove down to Owatonna where our friends live. We spent all day Friday with them visiting and playing with their two children and on Saturday all us adults went down to Iowa State University for the annual tailgating event where alums from all over the country meet back to have fun.
The day started off pretty decent but got a little windy and, hence, cold. Nothing too bad, though. It certainly wasn’t like a couple years ago when we all pretty much huddled together in one large mass to keep warm. That was in November, if I recall correctly. Some other friends of ours that live in the area came up to visit and integrated well with our other friends. It is truly a friendly bunch.
We also got to see our friend’s from Texas baby. She’s another cutie.
We got back to Owatonna late Saturday night and left late Sunday afternoon after going out to lunch with another of our friends in Owatonna.
The only bad part of the whole trip was the gas mileage of our rental car. We upgraded for a measly $13 to full-sized sedan: a Ford Taurus (a 2001-2003 model, I believe). We used a half tank of gas traveling down to Ames and the car had no apparent horsepower since it was very sluggish and had less than 17,000 miles on it. I only wish I had my car but it wouldn’t fit in our suitcase.
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