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Portrayal of Christianity in the News

Why is it that religious wackos claiming to be Christians are portrayed in the news or in TV shows and movies? KING 5 news – our local regurgitater of NBC news – did a story on such a group. It’s crap like this that I think turns more people to atheism or solidifies atheists’ claims.
Over the course of the week such perversions have been shown frequently to the point it almost seems planned, as though some group some where fears answering to a Higher Power and wants to make sure people are complacent in their debauchery.
Many of these groups are not, in fact, Christian. Even those on the border typically only focus on one aspect of Christ’s teachings and fail to miss the bigger picture, than forgiveness is a gift and we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, and believe in Christ and love God. These two New Testament laws are not so much new laws over the Ten Commandments but sum up those 10 Commandments of the Old Testament.
So many times such self-proclaimed Christian cults use fear or just make up their own laws that have little or no context in the Bible, or even take something from the Bible out of context and, of course, the media – be it news media or the "entertainment" industry – is more than happy to pick up on it.
Whether you’re a child of God or haven’t been introduced to God’s love through Christ Jesus, don’t let your views on Christianity be perverted by what you see on television. What the story linked about details is not founded in Christianity at all and is a sin. Millions of God-loving and God-fearing Christians are not that way and are just as horrified as anyone should be.
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