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Movie Review: King Kong

Peter Jackson’s King Kong was good, but it was no Lord of the Rings. The special effects were on par with LotR but over 3 hours to tell a pretty simple story is perhaps a little excessive. Good thing the theater where we saw the movie had pretty comfortable seats.
You all know the movie, of course. Girl falls in love with guy; girl gets kidnapped by gorilla; girl – in some twisted case of Stockholm’s Syndrome – falls in love with gorilla; guy saves girl; gorilla saves girl; gorilla get killed. Of course, the military is portrayed in their typical "shoot first and ask questions later" way.
The ride during this story is fantastic, though. A friend and coworker asked me if it was full of "gratuitous special effects". While I replied that specials effects when done well are never gratuitous, I think he summed it up from what he had heard rather well. It’s a great movie for special effects and Peter Jackson does a good job telling it, but it was rather lengthy to show off WETA‘s special talents that helped bring LotR to life. Maybe it’s just that the story – told over and over around the world in various manifestations – is old. That’s not Jackson’s fault, of course.
I will say that this is probably not a movie you want to bring youngsters to, though. As hinted in the commercials for King Kong there is a battle between a T-rex where the end is a little gory for some people’s tastes (I didn’t think anything of it, but several people in the audience were horrified). I’m sure any kid that’s helped his dad or mom clean the spoils of a hunt would have no problem, though.
So, is this movie worth over 3 hours it takes to tell it and a possibly numb butt? Maybe not; but, if you’re into special effects this is a good movie to see.
Now that King Kong is out I can’t wait until Jackson’s next venture, The Hobbit.
…and sorry it seems like LotR is the rubric by which I judge Jackson. It’s not. Kong was just good, but even a previous work, The Frighteners, was great.
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