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My Xbox 360

When I was giving up all hope of getting an Xbox 360 – which is more than just a gaming platform but a whole media center (which works well with our Media Center PC, although you can still use music and picture sharing with Windows XP) – Tracy and I were in Best Buy in Bellevue when we heard some employees getting something ready and we were right to stay for a few more minutes…
…they got a shipment of Xbox 360s right before our eyes!
We got an extra wireless controller and a charge pack for the main controller (so we don’t go through tons of batteries or have to recharge our NiMH all the time), but alas there was no remote control. One employee said this was the last shipment to get them, but he appears to have been mistaken because when I called back another employee said that was only for the launch shipment. Oh well, they’re pretty cheap.
It’s a great platform, though! Complete with micropayments you can buy games (which are cheaper on here than on PC for some Tracy likes to play) this can work wonders, though it didn’t wash our dishes when I told it to.
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