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February 26, 2006 Leave a comment
We’ve been piling up documents and other types of papers we didn’t want to throw away for privacy and security purposes and today, finally, we need not worry about it. We picked up a $70 shredder for $30 on sale that does diamond cuts, handles 8 sheets of paper at once, and handles both credit cards and staples. Awesome power.
So I shredded that pile of documents…and then continued to empty the non-private papers from the old office waste bucket into the shredder. Alas, I ran out of things to shred.  It was great fun while it lasted.
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NBC’s Negative Analysts

February 26, 2006 Leave a comment
Tracy and I have been watching some of the olympics on NBC and both enjoy women’s figure skating for its grace and style. All those athletes in the Olympics are fantastic – they’re in the Olympics, right?! What was very disappointing, however, was the analysts for NBC for women’s figure skating were very negative and said things beyond analysis, which is what they were suppose to provide.
Yes, at this level of competition, small mistakes make a big difference, but the things the analysts said were talking about the lack of experience and even skill. It was how these things were said that was rather rude. Even Scott Hamilton – apparently fresh off his filming for Skating with Celebrities – was rather rude when talking about these young women. Relative to each other some have more experience but they are all experienced and represent their country as the best. Some are better than others, and it’s in the Olympics that we compete to find out who is the best.
What was nice to see – even though it meant that the US didn’t get a gold in the event, is Arakawa winning Japan’s first medal in the 2006 Olympics as well as Japan’s first gold medal in figure skating Olympic history. That’s got to put a smile on your face – it certain did her’s.
In other sports the analysts were better. Before Thursday’s long program in women’s figure skating I watched the men’s aerials and got to see Jeret "Speedy" Peterson make the most difficult jump in the sport and it was amazing! It’s too bad he landed with such force that he reached back and touched the ground, taking seventh in the event. 5 twists and 3 somersaults within 3 econds! Wow! I can’t imagine how anyone could know where the ground was.
In 4 years the Olympics come to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, just a couple hours from here. Tracy and I definitely plan to attend. I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics and soon we’ll have that chance.
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Lost Mail

February 20, 2006 Leave a comment

There were times, I’m sure, where Pony Express riders were ambushed and mail was lost, but in this day and age what’s the excuse for the United States Postal Service? Tracy and I sent my brother a birthday card and something else we’ll have to replace that was in it and he said a few days ago it hadn’t arrived yet. I’ll try to find an electronic means first before trying to resend it so I can be sure it gets there this time. And the Post Office wonders why people prefer email (besides the fact it’s virtually free).

Sorry, Kyle, we’ll get it to you somehow. I very much doubt it’s worth tracking down what happened if even possible.

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All Better and Growing

February 19, 2006 Leave a comment
When we brought Suzie back home from Tracy’s parents she was still doing well with her potty training that Tracy’s parents, thankfully, had started. Within a day of getting her 4-month shots that changed. She couldn’t seem to hold it and sometimes didn’t even seem to notice that she was leaking. We called both the veterinarian that gave her the shots (rabies and something else with a long acronym of letters and numbers) and one we also considered using and both said that shouldn’t be a side effect. We took her to this other veterinarian for a check-up and she seemed fine.
Well, thank heavens genetics is as different as it is. While uncontrollable peeing shouldn’t be a side effect of these shots it apparently was for Suzie. She’s back to normal and doing well, even able to hold it for several hours (not counting sleeping through the night).
We took her for a walk today at Marymoor Park – the largest off-leash park in at least Western Washington, I’m told. She gets along well with big dogs (as long as they don’t try to eat her) and likes to have them chase her. Likely it’s because she spent her first months with Misty and Lady, Lange’s Labrador and English Springer Spaniel, respectively.
While on a leash she keeps pulling so hard that she chokes herself. Apparently this is common in dogs. Today I got a little worried when Tracy stopped her to rest and she turned around and looked at me with red eyes. So, we went to PetSmart and asked about curbing such behavior as opposed to working with it. The girl told us to use a headcollar, which is a piece similar to a muzzle that goes around her snout and then around her head behind the eyes. It is made to pull from the front so they don’t try to pull against the leash and help guide her like a horse with the snout piece. We considered a harness but that won’t really tame such behavior.
We also had to get her a new monkey because the one Kyle and Chandra got her has been torn to pieces and sewn too many times. Suzie really loved that monkey, but we had to "burry" monkey because those baby teeth of Suzie’s just made it irreparable. Thanks to Kyle and Chandra for such a well-liked toy. This new monkey also works better as a tug toy because it’s appendages are knotted ropes. She still uses Tony, her stuffed tiger that Lange’s gave her, but more as a sleeping toy – almost like a security blanket so that’s good. We didn’t want her turning Tony into monkey. She did take to the new monkey quite quickly.
She is now reaching her maximum size and getting even more wrinkles. I suspect this is the reason that practically everyone stops to pet her and asks about what she is. Quite a few people have heard of Pugles, which is surprising for how new of a breed they are.
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Super Bowl XL – Extra Large Disappointment

February 6, 2006 Leave a comment
I would say that the Seahawks are my favorite team. Maybe enough time with more seasons like this year will sway me. I mean, I’ve never lived in a state before Washington that had an NFL team so I basically latched onto a team that was close.
But last night during Super Bowl XL was a disappointment. Yes, I’m happy our team won the NFC championship, but things seem to fall apart – especially in the last half – and our team started playing like last season’s team. We dropped the ball numerous times and our placekicker missed two field goal attempts that could’ve won us the game if we hadn’t let Steeler’s Parker through like a hot knife through butter, or if our last drive in the 4th quarter would’ve landed us a touchdown.
To add insult to injury the calls seemed very one-sided. Save the false start call against the Steelers in the first quarter I don’t remember another call against them. No one’s that squeaky clean. And I don’t care if there isn’t a foul for it or not, Steeler’s quarterback Roethlisberger was dirty cheater when the bawl landed short of the end zone and he moved it into the end zone after it was down thinking he wouldn’t get caught. After review he still caught it but it was difficult to tell if the ball broke the end zone line or not. Being that Roethlisberger’s arm was masking the end of the ball I don’t see how the ref could’ve given it to them. He seemed to have it out for us (not that every call was bad, but certainly a couple were).
It was just a night of disappointment. Congratulations for winning the NFC championship, though, Seahawks’s. Do it again next year.
On the plus side many of us at our friends’ house in Kenmore were enjoying the non-stop playful (most times) fighting between Suzie and their little beagle Charlie. It’s a good thing they were just playing – Suzie’s not a very good fighter and spent more time on her back (even by her own action).
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