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All Better and Growing

When we brought Suzie back home from Tracy’s parents she was still doing well with her potty training that Tracy’s parents, thankfully, had started. Within a day of getting her 4-month shots that changed. She couldn’t seem to hold it and sometimes didn’t even seem to notice that she was leaking. We called both the veterinarian that gave her the shots (rabies and something else with a long acronym of letters and numbers) and one we also considered using and both said that shouldn’t be a side effect. We took her to this other veterinarian for a check-up and she seemed fine.
Well, thank heavens genetics is as different as it is. While uncontrollable peeing shouldn’t be a side effect of these shots it apparently was for Suzie. She’s back to normal and doing well, even able to hold it for several hours (not counting sleeping through the night).
We took her for a walk today at Marymoor Park – the largest off-leash park in at least Western Washington, I’m told. She gets along well with big dogs (as long as they don’t try to eat her) and likes to have them chase her. Likely it’s because she spent her first months with Misty and Lady, Lange’s Labrador and English Springer Spaniel, respectively.
While on a leash she keeps pulling so hard that she chokes herself. Apparently this is common in dogs. Today I got a little worried when Tracy stopped her to rest and she turned around and looked at me with red eyes. So, we went to PetSmart and asked about curbing such behavior as opposed to working with it. The girl told us to use a headcollar, which is a piece similar to a muzzle that goes around her snout and then around her head behind the eyes. It is made to pull from the front so they don’t try to pull against the leash and help guide her like a horse with the snout piece. We considered a harness but that won’t really tame such behavior.
We also had to get her a new monkey because the one Kyle and Chandra got her has been torn to pieces and sewn too many times. Suzie really loved that monkey, but we had to "burry" monkey because those baby teeth of Suzie’s just made it irreparable. Thanks to Kyle and Chandra for such a well-liked toy. This new monkey also works better as a tug toy because it’s appendages are knotted ropes. She still uses Tony, her stuffed tiger that Lange’s gave her, but more as a sleeping toy – almost like a security blanket so that’s good. We didn’t want her turning Tony into monkey. She did take to the new monkey quite quickly.
She is now reaching her maximum size and getting even more wrinkles. I suspect this is the reason that practically everyone stops to pet her and asks about what she is. Quite a few people have heard of Pugles, which is surprising for how new of a breed they are.
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