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NBC’s Negative Analysts

Tracy and I have been watching some of the olympics on NBC and both enjoy women’s figure skating for its grace and style. All those athletes in the Olympics are fantastic – they’re in the Olympics, right?! What was very disappointing, however, was the analysts for NBC for women’s figure skating were very negative and said things beyond analysis, which is what they were suppose to provide.
Yes, at this level of competition, small mistakes make a big difference, but the things the analysts said were talking about the lack of experience and even skill. It was how these things were said that was rather rude. Even Scott Hamilton – apparently fresh off his filming for Skating with Celebrities – was rather rude when talking about these young women. Relative to each other some have more experience but they are all experienced and represent their country as the best. Some are better than others, and it’s in the Olympics that we compete to find out who is the best.
What was nice to see – even though it meant that the US didn’t get a gold in the event, is Arakawa winning Japan’s first medal in the 2006 Olympics as well as Japan’s first gold medal in figure skating Olympic history. That’s got to put a smile on your face – it certain did her’s.
In other sports the analysts were better. Before Thursday’s long program in women’s figure skating I watched the men’s aerials and got to see Jeret "Speedy" Peterson make the most difficult jump in the sport and it was amazing! It’s too bad he landed with such force that he reached back and touched the ground, taking seventh in the event. 5 twists and 3 somersaults within 3 econds! Wow! I can’t imagine how anyone could know where the ground was.
In 4 years the Olympics come to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, just a couple hours from here. Tracy and I definitely plan to attend. I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics and soon we’ll have that chance.
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