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Tracy’s First Skiing Trip

Today Tracy and I finally went skiing. We’ve been here through two winters (although last winter yielded very little snow even in the mountains here) and finally just decided to do it. Fortunately a coworker at Microsoft said it wasn’t as bad as a drive as I thought, so that helped. I’m used to driving in snow but not at such steep inclines, like those in the mountains!
We went to the Summit at Snoqualmie, which is only a little less than 50 minutes away. Since Tracy’s never been skiing before and it’s been almost 15 years for me (and only twice before that on a steep hill in South Dakota, I believe) we were going to sign her up for lessons but missed the 10 AM class by just a few minutes (the group had left but it was still a little before 10 AM). So, I tried to teach her a little. I needed the practice too, to get my "ski legs" back.
Fortunately the instructors did better. While she was getting lessons I skied lots. I took a huge dive the first time that was actually a little fun. People above on the lifts even screamed out, "sweet!" I guess it was pretty neat. I fell several times at first but finally stayed up and tried the little jumps they have, but not at super speed. I probably didn’t even rise a foot, but it was still fun making myself try something.
Unfortunately while we were there, there were two accidents on that same jump. The first didn’t appear too bad as the person was moving. Maybe a sprained leg or arm, or maybe even broken. I say that it wasn’t too bad because a later accident forced ambulances and even an air lift helicopter! I pray to God that whoever is alright, because it looked pretty serious.
But, Tracy never did make it down the mountain. We’ll try next time together now that she has the basics down. I belong to the old school of thought, "try, fall down, and keep trying to you stop falling down!" We’ll still work on the basics, since I could use the practice as well. Pizza and French fry!
It was good. We took some photos of both us and the scenery we got to experience. Truly magnificent!
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