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Back from Our Getaway

We had a pleasant time during our getaway. The food was fantastic and the rooms had old-world charm with Asian accents all around – a unique experience. After dinner and very delicious dessert we walked over to the observation deck overlooking Snoqualmie Falls and took the pictures you see below with a 1.5 second exposure. I didn’t think to bring my tripod but I thought they turned out pretty decent at small sizes.

Tracy had the Northwester pasture-raised chicken with "a celeriac puree, cinnamon pancetta, glazed young vegetables, [and] natural jus scented with cinnamon and cloves". I had the potato-wrapped fallow venison loan with "garnet yams, “pain d’ épice”, vanilla poached pears, and crisp honey brittle". Tracy had the crisp pear and chocolate Bavarian with a candied orange, while I had the masquerade of crèmes brûlées. Mmm!

What certainly helped us enjoy this lavish experience was the perks of the Microsoft Prime card, from Passport Unlimited. Xbox Live members can also get such benefits from the Xbox Live Diamond Card.

We had a relaxing time; it was a wonderful getaway.

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