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Movie Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

Tracy and I went to see X-Men: The Last Stand, a.k.a., "X-Men 3". The critics have been, well, critical of it but I found it to be at least as good as the second X-Men movie in the trilogy. It had a lot of action, although a lot of people (mutants and humans alike) died. A quite unfortunately effect of war.
Warning: Spoilers Ahead
It’s hard to talk about the movie without giving some things away. From the commercials you should get that a "cure" was found. I must admit at this point, too, that I’ve always agreed with Eric Lensherr’s sentiments, just not his tactics. This "cure" was used on many mutants, including some you might be thinking, "but wait, I thought they were still powerful later in the X-Men story line?" Well, you should be pleasantly surprised, then, by the very end of the movie right before the cut to credits.
While some creative freedom was taken with various characters – and I think that’s okay; if I wants the right story I’d just read the comics – there were a few confusing parts. For example, a brilliant move by Kitty (the one that could walk through walls) to stop Juggernaut put him in the floor and made him immobile. Thing is, that should’ve stopped him since he had no momentum, so how did he get out? There were a couple of other oddities, but nothing major.
All in all, I thought it was a pretty good movie and am looking forward to adding it to our collection of DVDs, right along with the first and second movies.
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