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New Camera

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment
After some time, lots of research on the Internet, and discussions we bought a Nikon D-70s digital SLR (single lens reflex) – hopefully the last camera we’ll buy for a good long time. We started with a Sony digital camera and it had many problems (no malfunctions, just terrible features and memory media). We upgraded to a Fuji S7000 and have been quite happy with it, but there were two problems with it that caused me to want to get a dSLR for complete control and extensibility by way of adding new lenses.
  1. Shutter lag. Every digital camera has it, even this higher-end digital camera.
  2. Processing. The CCD image sensor does a lot of processing that drains batteries faster – also a problem for all digital cameras – and changes the view I want.

We ended up getting it at Best Buy due to discounts and gift cards, plus that the gentleman that helped us was very knowledgeable (he was also a professional photographer part time) and very honest in ways I won’t go into, suffice to say he was looking out for serious customers. He even remembered us from several months back; I must’ve made an impression with friendly banter.

So, I’m up late after having just finished reading the manual. I’ll post pictures in the near future as Tracy and I start the backpacking season again a little late and make plans for our vacation, not including the several trips back to the Midwest we’ll be making next fall and winter.

Fortunately, though, this area is beautiful and photogenic scenery is all around, and dad’s still looking for a good picture of my car. I also want to visit lots of waterfalls and mountain lakes and hopefully even sell a few shots.

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Movie Review: Click

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment
On Saturday Tracy and I went to see Click, the new movie from Adam Sandler. This new take on It’s a Wonderful Life has quite a few different twists, including some typical Sandler-isms. Due to reoccuring themes of a rather disgusting nature (sure, it might’ve been funny the first or even second time) and language, I wouldn’t call this a decent family movie.
Adam Sandler plays Michael Newman who receives a special remote from Morty, played by the oddly wonderful Christopher Walken. He over-uses the remote and it starts automatically fast forwarding through his life till he’s lost everything important in his life, while having retained his job and even advancing. Work came first, and this is a grim – yet funny – reminder of what’s truly important. He also lost the beautiful Kate Beckinsale due to reasons I won’t give away, but will mention that it’s a side effect of the remote.
So, while we did find this movie funny and otherwise entertaining, I don’t think it’s a movie for children, especially young children that are just looking for another example and excuse to swear.
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Happy Again

June 24, 2006 Leave a comment
There once was a time I was truly happy in every way…then Fox cancelled the brilliant comedy ‘tool, Futurama. I was forlorn.
But after years of waiting and watching – though, still very much enjoying – reruns on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, today was truly a blessed day. "Good news, everyone," Futurama will return in 2008 with at least 13 new episodes on Comedy Central with the original primary cast! Hazzah!
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Suzie and the Bug

June 12, 2006 Leave a comment
I came out into the living room tonight to find Suzie pouncing on a little boxelder bug. It was quite simply one of the most entertaining events I’ve seen since we went to Cirque du Soleil. Tracy and I watched for probably about 10 minutes while Suzie pawed the bug, picked it up in her mouth and spit it back out in seemingly one single motion, and finally ate it with the cutest little face since boxelder bugs are pretty sour creatures.
Below are a few photos of this hilarious event. This was one of those rare times I wish we had a digital camcorder.
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Interesting Fight

June 11, 2006 Leave a comment
Tracy and I took Suzie to Marrymoore Park today for the first time in a few weeks since she was recently spayed. We took her for a walk first to wear her out a little so she doesn’t dart off. We stopped along one of many of the waterfronts where dogs like to play fetch in the water. She was reluctant to go in since when she was a pup she dove off unexpectedly into Lake Washington in the deep water. We slowely pushed her in (didn’t toss her out there, which I read was not a good idea) and she got more and more used to it, almost to the point of jumping in herself. After a while we let her off the leash and had to put her back on again because she just darts off. If the park had gates I wouldn’t mind so much but we don’t want her to run out into the parking lot and get run over.
Anyway, back to the subject. On the way out of the park, I saw off in the distance a little bunny and what appeared to have been a ferret (based on its short hair, shape, and apparent many wild, once-captive ferret population). They were play fighting, chasing each other back and forth. It was very cute and entertaining to stand back and watch them play.
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Review of Cirque du Soleil: Varekai

June 3, 2006 3 comments
Beautiful, wonderful, thrilling, and whimsical. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe tonight’s performance of Cirque du Soleil: Varekai. Tracy and I were fortunate enough to get tickets and we didn’t have to travel far since the circus tents were just about a mile away from our home in Marymoore Park in Redmond, WA (the site says Seattle, but means the Seattle area). I expect more shows in the future since Redmond paved part of the park for this very reason.
The acrobats and musibcians were spectacular. There were people doing things in the air without a net that left us in awe and on the edge of our seats. There was also a juggler that juggled in ways I’ve never seen, including juggling balls in and out of his mouth, and even mixed it up with additional balls in his hands at the same time. He juggled with a lot more than that, including juggling-type bowling pins behind his back, twirling at incredible speed even enough to make an old drum-stick tosser like me blush. They were spun so far it was difficult to even see the rotation.
Both the male and female acrobats were very, very impressive. The man female acrobat stole the spotlight for one segment showing more flexibility than the Twizzlers in my pocket that Tracy and I got during intermission.
If you ever have a chance to see any Cirque du Soleil show I highly recommend it. We’re looking forward to the next time the show is in town in the Seattle area (hopefully in Redmond again, and likely). It was a truly fantastic show!
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