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New Laptop

August 31, 2006 Leave a comment
I’m writing this on my new Tablet PC, a type of laptop where the screen can be rotated around so that you can write and draw on the screen. One can still use the keyboard-which I’ll typically do-but drawing diagrams will be handy for some of the work I do and will likely be doing more of. It’s a fast Toshiba Portege M400 that should be good for several years. It was purchased by and for work but it was still a modest price.

Missing more Teef

August 26, 2006 Leave a comment
Due to an accident many years ago, I was already down 6 teeth (or "teef", if your toofless). A couple of years after that two of my wisdom teeth were removed. Yesterday, I lost my other two. Well, actually they were removed but I know exactly where they are now: wrapped up in a take-home envelope.
They really tried to push pain killers on me, but I just won’t have that. I was really hungry and thirsty, though, so Tracy and I went to Jamba Juice quick and then decided to stop by the Verizon Store to pick her up a new phone since it has been a couple of years. We then came back home to eat some light lunch and then I headed back to work (you can’t keep the "H man" down).
This morning there’s still a little swelling but I feel fine.
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2 Years Equals 2 Pounds of…

August 18, 2006 Leave a comment
Last Wednesday, August 16th, 2006, was not only my baptismal birthday but my 2nd anniversary at Microsoft. Tradition holds that one brings 1 pound of M&Ms for every year they’ve been at Microsoft. Instead of doing what everyone else does, I brought something a little different: 2 pounds of HEATH Bites!
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Much Bigger than it Looks

August 15, 2006 Leave a comment
I was just going through Live Spaces – formerly MSN Spaces – checking out some of the formatting changes and module upgrades when I came across the picture below from Tracy’s and my vacation to Florida back in 2003.
The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center is so much bigger than it looks in the photo. Take a look at the American flag on the side of the building:
  1. A commercial tour bus can easily fit down a single 9-foot-wide stripe as if it were a road.
  2. The blue area with stars has roughly the area of a regulation basketball court.
  3. Each star is more than 6 feet in diameter.
  4. It has the volume to hold nearly 4 times the volume of the Empire State Building.

It’s truly amazing and difficult to grasp at just how large that is. Even driving by at a distance it doesn’t look as big as it really is. It you get a chance, I highly recommend the tour at Kennedy Space Center.

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Suzie’s First Hike

August 13, 2006 Leave a comment
Tracy and I haven’t got out much this summer. In fact, it was around August first that we woke up and realized that summer was almost over. We need to kick it in gear to get some good hiking in this summer. Many places around this elevation are open all year but hiking in constant rain is not much fun.
So today we traveled to Tiger Mountain just past Issaquah and we took Suzie. She apparently had a lot more energy than us, as she pulled us along, though not too hard with the chest harness we now use. She really loved the ferns. It wasn’t the greatest opportunity to try out our new camera since we were mostly under a canopy of trees, but was still a pretty nice hike.
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Best Birthday Present Ever

August 9, 2006 Leave a comment
On Friday I received a call from my mom that grandpa was in the hospital and wouldn’t likely make it through Monday. Tracy and I got plane tickets in a hurry and rushed off to Nebraska. It was late when we arrived and grandpa was tired, so we headed to my parent’s house and got up to see grandpa in the morning.
He was really yellow, suffering from pancreatic cancer with a tumor about the size of an average adult’s fist. This caused him to suffer from jaundice. It was hard to see him, but good to see him before he died. It was also a chance to see a lot of family we haven’t seen in a long time, or even my cousins’ babies we haven’t seen before. It’s unfortunate that we all had to meet this way.
Tracy and I had to leave on Monday, though we did consider staying longer. It’s been hectic at work and I’ve been key in several issues for a big project at work lately (Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1). About 2 hours after we left Norfolk after a very, very hard goodbye, grandpa went through some risky surgery. It worked, and at least prolonged his life in order to make more decisions about where to go from here.
That was on my birthday.
So, thank you, grandma and grandpa, not only for the card you sent before grandpa was hospitalized but for making a decision that could be good for grandpa in the long run, and to give him and the family more time together.
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