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Much Bigger than it Looks

I was just going through Live Spaces – formerly MSN Spaces – checking out some of the formatting changes and module upgrades when I came across the picture below from Tracy’s and my vacation to Florida back in 2003.
The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center is so much bigger than it looks in the photo. Take a look at the American flag on the side of the building:
  1. A commercial tour bus can easily fit down a single 9-foot-wide stripe as if it were a road.
  2. The blue area with stars has roughly the area of a regulation basketball court.
  3. Each star is more than 6 feet in diameter.
  4. It has the volume to hold nearly 4 times the volume of the Empire State Building.

It’s truly amazing and difficult to grasp at just how large that is. Even driving by at a distance it doesn’t look as big as it really is. It you get a chance, I highly recommend the tour at Kennedy Space Center.

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