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Seahawks beat the Giants…Again

September 25, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments
Today was projected to be one heck of a game, so by invitation Tracy and I went to our friend Kevin’s condo in Belltown, Seattle. He rented out one of the event rooms with a grill outdoors and it was certainly a perfect day for grilling – an unusually sunny day in Seattle.
The first few plays of the game was spectacular after we recovered the ball. After the first couple of touchdowns Kevin wanted to say we would definitely win, but that would’ve jinxed us so we wouldn’t let him…until after the 4 touchdown toward the end of the first half! That was our mistake, because during the second half their offense stepped up to the challenge and it appeared our defense got a little sloppy. We still won by 12 points: Seahawks 42, Giants 30. After last year’s win against the Giants in overtime I expected a little more of a fight from the Giants, but it was still a fairly decent game.
After we helped clean up, Tracy and I drove to Queen Anne, Seattle, to Kerry Park. It is a wonderful viewpoint for seeing both the Seattle cityscape and Mt. Rainier, as you can see below by a couple of sample photographs I took.
It was truly a great day.
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