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Bathroom Renovation

October 30, 2006 Leave a comment
Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of humidity that’s been great for keeping the nose moist but mildew is a common occurence here. For some time, we could really keep the old latex caulk around the bathtub free of mildew stains. Even using Clorox mildew remover didn’t help. The old caulk was also cracking and separating from the walls, so it was time something was done to replace the old caulk.
Instead of having maintenance replace it with latex again, I asked for permission to re-caulk the bathtub and I used GE Silicon II with a mildewcide that should help prevent staining. Cleaning out the old caulk took a lot longer than I thought, and masking tape wasn’t sticking to the plastic walls so I had to use duct tape. It was pretty hard getting the corners but I think it came out looking better than it did before.
I took a lot of before and after pictures, a few of which I’ve shown below. The red speckles in one of the photos are a little blood from slicing my thumb with the putty knife. Slippage happens, but I didn’t realize at one point my other hand was close by. Oh well, I’ve had plenty worse many times before. On Saturday I finished around 5:30 PM so that we could get to the Halloween party, and caulked the "L" shaped pieces on Sunday.
For the most part it turned out pretty good. I just hope when it cures it sticks to the plastic walls. The wall on one side is warped so caulking the "L" shaped piece was difficult since there was a lot of space to fill (not really enough to use a fill strip).
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Halloween 2006 Party

October 30, 2006 Leave a comment
Last night Tracy and I got to wear our costumes we bought at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival back in September at our friends’ Halloween party. We had a blast, with good snacks, a pumpkin cake Tracy bought from a coworker for charity that was delicious, and a live DJ. The "kids" (our Suzie, and their Charlie (a beagle) and Suzie (German shepherd)) ran around and played outside mostly.
There were lots of different costumes from the result of a lover’s quarrel to more medieval costumes, and some pirates – many creative and elaborate costumes. Tracy had to fix mine a few times – good thing I wasn’t wearing my kilt in the tradition way.
Tracy and I both did a good job of staying in the "happy fun zone" all night but I had to wake up early to take care of someone who got sick: Suzie. Apparently she had a few too many pine needles outside while playing.
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Vibrant Fall – Just not all at Once

October 22, 2006 Leave a comment
As you can probably imagine, fall in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Lots of deciduous trees and lots of moisture. However, in the cities trees are often inconsistent in when they turn and its hard to snap photos like those below, taken near our home and at the Microsoft campus. I’m told next year we should head up to the Northern Cascades where the scenery is surreal. Expect more better pictures next year.
What you see below has not been digitally altered in any way and there’s no color compensation from the image CMOS in the camera. And no the trees aren’t on fire!
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Heart-stopping Finale

October 16, 2006 Leave a comment
We watched today’s game, Seahawks @ St. Louis, at our friend’s apartment in Seattle. What a game it was! Seahawks played a terrible first half, but came back in an unusually well-played second half. In the last 2 minutes of the game, St. Louis scored a touchdown with the extra point and was ahead by one point. We ran the ball without a huddle and with 17 seconds left we tried to run the ball again and received a 5-yard penalty against us. With 4 seconds left, we had to kick the field goal from 59 yards away…
Earlier that game another field goal attempt failed – rather miraculously – as the ball hit one goal post, bounced over to the other, then bound out – almost as if watching a ball bouncing out of the basket in basketball. In the kicker’s defense, the laces were down.
…so the ball was kicked, it went up, and as everyone held their breath, the ball approached the goals but from the angle it was hard to tell if the ball split the posts. Then the refs’ hands went up. GOAL!
A fun-filled day of great food, friends, and football. And quite a football game it was.
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Back from Vacation

October 4, 2006 Leave a comment

Last week was our annual tailgating event at Jack Trice Stadium, home of the Iowa State Cyclones. Alumni and friends gather from all over the country. But before Tracy and I head down to Ames, Iowa, we stop in for some extra time with our friends in Minnesota.

On Friday our friends and we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. There Tracy and I – after 3 years of saying we were going to do it – picked up regalia for costume parties and future festivals around the country, including here in Washington. I got a kilt in the Royal Stewart Tartan while Tracy got a dress to go along somewhat with it.

Saturday went down to Ames to see lots of friends, but two of our friends weren’t able to make it up to Ames. One of them decided to instead go into labor Friday morning and have a baby! Congratulations, Anne and Jose! We’re deeply sorry we didn’t get to see you. Iowa State won by a single point, which wasn’t a great feat considering we are Division 1A while Northern Iowa is Division 1AA. What happened after the game was truly spectacular, though: a long fireworks show! It’s the only one Tracy and I got to see this year after the mis-information given to the public by Kirkland, WA. That is, there was no fireworks show we saw on the 4th.

Sunday we met my cousin and his fiancé in Owatonna, MN, at Famous Dave’s right by Cabela’s. We talked for a couple of hours and enjoyed some really good BBQ. We can’t find any Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce up here in WA.

Monday we almost didn’t get our plane. Despite having picked seats about 1.5 months before our flight, because Northwest overbooked we didn’t even have seats. We got some seats together at the very last minute while everyone was almost boarded. We made it home in time to go pick up Suzie at Paradise Pet Lodge in Woodinville. Suzie seemed very happy and the place costs the same as every other kennel around here. We have also had good luck with PetSmart in Woodinville, but prefer this place because it resides in the woods where the dogs can get out and get walks and the air is fresh. It’s also a more beautiful drive to pick her up.

We had a great time and were glad to see so many friends.

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