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Heart-stopping Finale

We watched today’s game, Seahawks @ St. Louis, at our friend’s apartment in Seattle. What a game it was! Seahawks played a terrible first half, but came back in an unusually well-played second half. In the last 2 minutes of the game, St. Louis scored a touchdown with the extra point and was ahead by one point. We ran the ball without a huddle and with 17 seconds left we tried to run the ball again and received a 5-yard penalty against us. With 4 seconds left, we had to kick the field goal from 59 yards away…
Earlier that game another field goal attempt failed – rather miraculously – as the ball hit one goal post, bounced over to the other, then bound out – almost as if watching a ball bouncing out of the basket in basketball. In the kicker’s defense, the laces were down.
…so the ball was kicked, it went up, and as everyone held their breath, the ball approached the goals but from the angle it was hard to tell if the ball split the posts. Then the refs’ hands went up. GOAL!
A fun-filled day of great food, friends, and football. And quite a football game it was.
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