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Bathroom Renovation

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of humidity that’s been great for keeping the nose moist but mildew is a common occurence here. For some time, we could really keep the old latex caulk around the bathtub free of mildew stains. Even using Clorox mildew remover didn’t help. The old caulk was also cracking and separating from the walls, so it was time something was done to replace the old caulk.
Instead of having maintenance replace it with latex again, I asked for permission to re-caulk the bathtub and I used GE Silicon II with a mildewcide that should help prevent staining. Cleaning out the old caulk took a lot longer than I thought, and masking tape wasn’t sticking to the plastic walls so I had to use duct tape. It was pretty hard getting the corners but I think it came out looking better than it did before.
I took a lot of before and after pictures, a few of which I’ve shown below. The red speckles in one of the photos are a little blood from slicing my thumb with the putty knife. Slippage happens, but I didn’t realize at one point my other hand was close by. Oh well, I’ve had plenty worse many times before. On Saturday I finished around 5:30 PM so that we could get to the Halloween party, and caulked the "L" shaped pieces on Sunday.
For the most part it turned out pretty good. I just hope when it cures it sticks to the plastic walls. The wall on one side is warped so caulking the "L" shaped piece was difficult since there was a lot of space to fill (not really enough to use a fill strip).
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