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Our New HD DVD Player

The difference between night and day: that’s the difference you see right away when you plug-in your HD DVD player and pop in a movie.
Recently Microsoft released the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive for a very reasonable price, if you already have the Xbox 360. It’s really just the drive with the Xbox 360 – with all its graphic power – doing most of the work. The package comes with Peter Jackson’s King Kong. It was an okay movie (just long, and not as enthralling as Lord of the Rings) but in HD DVD it was truly stunning. Even the initial FBI warning was crystal clear with great color, especially when we compared it to Lord of the Rings (since both were produced at WETA, they should be comparable).
We aren’t considering replacing our current DVD collection (except, perhaps, for Lord of the Rings since I believe it will be a timeless classic), but will probably look to HD DVDs first. There aren’t too many right now. Blu-ray has more movies available currently, but players are at least twice as expensive (one thing driving up the cost of the PlayStation 3 since a Blu-ray drive is built-in, and they are sold at a severe loss still) and Blu-ray failed to deliver on some of its promises – one reason Microsoft is strongly backing HD DVD. Lots of comparisons are available.
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