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How not to Run a Business

For Thanksgiving Tracy and I travelled to her parent’s house in Illinois. Our flight left at 8:25 AM on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Because of holiday travel, Tracy and I left with plenty of time to make it through check-in and security. Just before arriving at the airport, I got a call from an unusual looking phone number and figured it was another one of those crank calls. Several minutes later I checked my new voicemail to find that our flight to Chicago had been canceled.

The problems began there.

With the short warning, there was no time to make a flight at 7:30 AM so we were confirmed for a 3:48 PM flight. That would put us back her parent’s house at 1:00 AM Thanksgiving day. The lady at the counter said that our flight wasn’t canceled but was delayed because of mechanical failure. Later at one of the four gates that we may leave from on standby, I learned that the mechanical failure was found the night before. I’m glad they found it, but if they had that much warning why couldn’t they had a plan ready on one of the busiest travel days of the year?

We were put on standby for a 10:30 AM flight but that flight was already overbooked by 8, and they screwed up our place on the standby list, so with just one first class seat left, Tracy and I weren’t about to split up. The lady at the gate then put us on the standby list for our original flight which we barely made because it was about to close the doors. We finally got out of SeaTac some time after 11:00 AM.

We’ve been placed on standby for flights that we were confirmed for, but I have learned that if you aren’t confirmed by the airlines’ sites themselves, you aren’t actually confirmed – at least, that’s what one airline told me once and it seems to hold true with our experience. We also have pieces of our luggage missing almost every time we fly, and on the first trip we took when our luggage was new the frame was broken on the largest piece. The airline wouldn’t fix it, claiming it was normal wear and tear. Again, the frame was broken and partly sticking out of the fabric. Currently, our luggage has missing logos, zippers, and a lock that wasn’t even on the zipper when we traveled (and it was a TSA-approved lock anyway).

If there was any better way of traveling in about as little as time, we would.

This is a perfect example of how not to run a business.

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