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Snow for the Holidays

When we got to our gate in Chicago O’Hare, I saw that the temperature in Seattle was 33° F. I thought to myself, "If it were to rain today, we might end up with a little dusting of snow." Sure enough, once on the plane the pilot announced that it was snowing in Seattle. Here we spent nearly a week in northern Illinois without snow and relatively warm nights, and it was snowing in Seattle at near sea level.

As we flew over Seattle about to land, we could see there was a light dusting of snow but some dark clouds were looming. As we passed through Bellevue on I-5 the snow started really falling, but as large pebbles – more like hail, except consisting of slush. After we picked up Suzie in Woodinville and got home, I started to leave to head to the grocery store for milk and a few items for chicken parmesan I planned on making. The snow was now really coming down. There was actually ice on the road in less-traveled lanes. Good thing my Audi has full-time all-wheel drive, but what scares me is the idiots on the road who don’t know how to drive in such conditions. Granted, many people aren’t used to this weather that live here, but when it’s icy you don’t try to peel out in order to "break" free from the ice sheets. And you don’t take a corner fast, like those dumbasses that wouldn’t hit me hard had I been to the intersection coming out of the grocery store just a second or two later.

It took quite some time to get home, which isn’t far from the grocery store. Traffic didn’t come idiot drivers much change to show their stupidity, but traffic was going a little too slow (main lanes were merely wet). It’s supposed to snow through tomorrow morning and remain icy through the night, so I’m not sure if greater Seattle will be open for business.

At least the chicken parmesan turned out good. I made our own merlot marinara and threw together the breading on egg-washed chicken breasts. Tracy made good parmesan and olive oil noodles and Suzie – as always – chewed on her bone under the table, joining the family for dinner.

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