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How to Make a Hot Dog

When I was young during those cold, blustery winters across the plains of Nebraska, I found comfort huddled in front of the heating vents. I loved how the hot air rushed over me. Lately – just after our tropical fronts on the Pineapple Express – Washington was hit with frigid arctic fronts. Keeping warm, I find myself again in front of the heater reading the morning news online.

Of course, Suzie is loose and constantly starving for attention, so she’ll huddle up next to me by the heater. One day Tracy didn’t see Suzie at her usual haunts, and found her – alone – in front of the heater. Someone has picked up the same habit.

So when Suzie comes running to our bed and her fur is nice and toasty, we now know where she’s been. And that’s how you make a hot dog.

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