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Affirmation of Stupidity and Craziness

During the big blackout, I saw further proof of just how stupid the seeming majority of people can be. Practically every traffic light became a four-way stop. Yet, either because people didn’t understand the concept of "taking turns" – or they just didn’t care – it was a mess. Honking horns at each other was a rarity around here until yesterday.

There was also many instances of fire engine sirens, because of things like this. I’m betting more than a few people didn’t know how to use their fireplace, too. When you invite fire into your home, great care must be taken.

On a lighter side, how crazy for coffee people here in the greater Seattle area are because abundantly apparent. That little area of Bellevue that had electricity also had one thing that attracted people from literally miles around: Starbucks. Because Tracy had to go into work – even though they had only emergency power and no customers – she and another girl took some food and drink orders and went to that Starbucks to see long lines of people – some waiting up to an hour. One lady that helped Tracy and the other girl get all the stuff in the care said she drove from Mercer Island that sits between Bellevue and Seattle in Lake Washington, and further south still from this now-popular Starbucks.

We also went to the grocery store to pick up some variety in canned foods. We had plenty for days at home, but that was only tuna, Bushes baked beans (like there’s any other), and various soups. Since we have a big gas grill, we picked up some cans of chili – which was about all that was left. We ran into my general manager at Microsoft, so I hope she didn’t think we were unprepared, though we could’ve used more firewood.

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