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The Blackout of 2006

Thursday night Puget Sound suffered a massive wind storm with gusts up to 90 miles an hour along the coast west of Tacoma. Winds here gusted to about 55. Granted that was a common occurrence in Iowa, but Iowa didn’t have as many trees. As a result, at about 12:30 AM Friday morning when I was doing some writing, the power went off. It was off all over the Eastside, except for one small area in downtown Bellevue that we – and everyone else – knew of. Though I knew it was futile, I drove to work anyway to assess the damage, and saw many trees literally uproot. All the rain during November, 2006 – rainiest month in recorded Washington history – and what we’ve had so far in December didn’t help, since the ground was saturated.
Being without power wasn’t so bad, though. Without being able to work, though – power was off both at the Microsoft Redmond Campus as well as at JC Penney, except for emergency lighting – it got a little boring. It’s not like we were out in nature enjoying God’s creation – we were in an apartment looking at white walls. We did all stay warm in front of a fire for a while and went to bed – Suzie’s first overnighter in our bed. It was chili here, with freezing temperatures.
Just before 6:00 AM this morning, we heard a beep (we think it was the microwave) and woke up to find one light on – our reading light I had on when the power went off.
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