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Liberal Expenditures on Education

I’m conservative, but close to the middle. I only mention that because when I say I was happy – and still am – about our democratic governor, Christine Gregoire, hopefully that means a little more to readers. She recently outlined a plan to spend almost $30 billion on education, and the liberal media is asking if this liberal governor is spending too liberally. That’s just the funny part.
But this is on education – something this state seriously needs help on, if not the whole country. Yeah, we have the richest man in the world here and a lot of other extremely bright and rich people, but meanwhile our education level is one of the worst in the country. And that’s in a country that is toward the bottom of all countries in the world. If we don’t educate our youth better, we will not survive as a country.
Is $30 billion too much? I won’t say because I don’t know all the details of the plan, but I applaud Gregoire for putting focus on areas that will hopefully ensure we don’t have much greater problems than a few polluted beaches; not that I’m for that, but there’s typically a correlation between education, discipline, and respect, the latter of which will help eventually clean-up our environment by keeping it clean.
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