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Vista at Home

After planning and lots of backups of irreplaceable photographs, I have installed a new 400GB hard drive – nearly all for recorded content – and installed Windows Vista on our home PC. It runs beautifully. I’ve been running Windows Vista at work on a couple of machines – including my Tablet PC, which has lots of great support from Vista – and have finally had the time this week to install it at home. I took some time off before I lost said vacation time, and because after many months of painstaking work and lots of documentation I needed it.
Vista has a ton of bells and whistles that do come at a cost, but on machine that can handle it Vista looks truly amazing. Just take a look at some of the screenshots below. In one such screenshot, you’ll see that I’m watching TV in Windows Media Center and thumbnails are available in the Alt+Tab menu (to switch applications using the keyboard, along with Win+Tab for Flip 3D) along with a sort of tooltip when the mouse hovers over the task bar button. The start menu also lets you type a search term – or any program, file, or URL like from the Run dialog – and will show you all matching programs in the start menu, as well as email, files, and more.
Vista truly does help you do more. Play around with you – you won’t break it!
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