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Bill Gates on The Daily Show

January 30, 2007 Leave a comment
I love watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (no relation). I have to admit I prefer The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, previously an anchor on The Daily Show. I did miss a recent episode of The Daily Show with none other than Bill Gates himself in an interview with Jon Stewart. It’s pretty funny. Watch below.

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Now Receiving HD Broadcasting

January 26, 2007 Leave a comment

In 2006, Congress passed a law that on February 17th, 2009, all analog broadcasting will stop. Analog TVs will require converter boxes. Even now Digital Television (DTV) is available over the air and from cable providers for TVs that support DTV, as new TVs should. Some channels come in Standard Definition (SD) and others come in High Definition (HD).

Some broadcasters are providing HD content now for free over DTV without having to pay for digital cable service or paying extra for HD content. For some HD content you will need to pay. Typically it’s the over-the-air broadcasters like NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox for which you’ll find free HD content.

Don’t expect commercials just yet to be wide-screen, though. Remember that HD does not equate to wide screen. To produce HD content from SD content, the picture has to be up-scaled. This is when you start seeing pixilation – square boxes where smooth curves should be.

So, if you start channel surfing and come across DTV signals and stations like 86-2 (CBS HD, at least here with Comcast), stay tuned and enjoy!

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Dish Washers, Start Your Microwaves

January 25, 2007 Leave a comment
Sponges are easy to handle. Heck, I hate to admit I prefer a loofa over a wash cloth for that very reason. But sponges suffer from a terrible problem: bacteria. There’s far more surface areas in a sponge and bacteria thrives. After a couple of days, you’re probably better off washing your dishes in the toilet. We buy lots of sponges, compromising between waste and germ-filled refuse.
Then last night on the news I heard that microwaving sponges or 2 minutes on high power kills 99.9% of bacteria. Something to keep in mind to clean off – and keep off – dirt and bacteria from your hand-washed dishes.
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A Brush with Stardom

January 14, 2007 Leave a comment
After a rather arduous check-in at a very unbalanced check-in counter, Tracy and I got advanced to the first class security line. In front of me stood a man who looked very familiar. I felt a little silly for asking in case I was wrong and I certainly didn’t wan to draw attention to him, but I’m 99% sure the man was Tom Skerritt.
While going through the security gates, my suspicions were further upheld when the security personnel actually talked with him so casually. Tracy noticed that too and was thinking the same thing I was about who the man was.
Next time I’ll just have to risk embarrassment to gain that extra 1% assuredness.
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It’s a Winter Wonderland…in Seattle

January 11, 2007 1 comment
The greater Seattle area doesn’t get a lot of snow at this elevation. For snow, we need only drive 40 minutes or so into the Cascades. Last that drive would take you many hours.
Quicker than you could through your coat on and rush downstairs, we had almost an inch of snow and hail collected on the ground. Traffic was horrendous. It took me an hour just to get from the parking garage exit to 31st street – a mere 200 yards! After that it wasn’t too bad, but people just weren’t moving. There was also a lot of people not taking turns pulling out and even passing by those waiting to turn on the left, and then turning right cutting off those of us with patience. When I did finally get to the intersection of 31st Street and 156th Avenue, I saw something I haven’t seen in quite a while – and never here: snowmen. A 20-minute drive on most nights too me 2 hours last night.
Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland seemed to have been hit the worst. Even now at work there are very few cars on the road and only a couple of us here when most people are starting to show up. Below is a picture of what it looks like outside right now, with dark clouds over the Cascades.
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