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Another Weekend Project

After having recaulked the bathroom, it was time for another home renovation project courtesy of our dear Suzie. Suffering from separation anxiety, Suzie has chewed several things from the walls to a blanket. She stays kenneled now. You can find several pictures below of damage she caused to the apartment. After today, you won’t notice all but one damaged area (and I’m working on that).
We got everything we needed at Home Depot, although the spectrometer was broken at the one in Redmond so we had to make a trip to the one in Bothell. I even paid a little extra for better materials than I’m sure went into the apartment originally, like primer with mildewcide. I sanded, buffed, and applied wallboard joint compound to build up the surface. Today I applied mud for an orange peel texture, primed, and painted.
I think I did a good job. I was mentioning to Tracy that except for an area I had to buff off excess mud and reshaped, I couldn’t tell the difference. She said she could tell, but she was looking at the wrong place! She hadn’t noticed the area I did and thought Suzie had shewed the wall below the actual area I repaired. I only noticed because I knew exactly where to look, and it still looks better than several places on the same corner where maintenance or previous occupants merely plastered over and painted.
In a couple of weeks after the sheen evens out with the existing paint, I’ll post pictures.
All this is leading up to Tracy and I finally start our home buying experience.
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