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New Windows Mobile Phone

After a lot of thought I decided to get a new mobile phone. My Palm Treo 700w – and many other people’s – would continuously lock up. I even had a replacement that was little better than the first one. Sometimes I even had to pull the battery to reset it because the reset button wouldn’t even work. It also didn’t support normal features like voice dialing over Bluetooth; it support voice dialing on the phone itself and Bluetooth headsets, but not together.

But mostly it was the reliability that was the problem. Typically every other day it would freeze while trying to make or even receive calls; the latter was certainly a bigger problem. I tried working with Verizon and Palm. I even offer to get a crash dump to Palm – which contains all the memory for running programs and the operating system – and they never got back to me. Since I work for Microsoft, I also tried working through the Windows Mobile team but that didn’t help remedy the situation with my phone model. Only Palm could issue updates for my phone because of how Windows Mobile is modeled and installed on the phone.

So I broke down and bought a Motorola Q. It’s a bit different since it’s a Smartphone, not a Pocket PC. The difference is mostly that it doesn’t have touch screen or stylus. The Q is more stable, more slender, and lighter. It has a much clearer screen as well that shows colors beautifully. Windows Live Search for Mobile at http://wls.live.com looks amazing on this phone!

To get used to the slightly different keyboard I typed all this on my phone.

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