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Flat Tire

Monday night I drove my friends, former interns, and now Microsoft MVPs here in Seattle for the MVP Summit around. We went out for dinner with Tracy in Redmond, then I drove them back to the hotel via the long route, stopping up on Queen Anne where I took shots sometime back like you see below. It was night, but still beautiful.
The next morning I got in my car and started driving, but it felt squirrelly. Turns out I had a flat. I hadn’t gone far, so I pulled back into my parking space and fixed it. As usually, it wasn’t hard to change once I figured out where to put the jack. There’s a picture, but it’s not specific to my car so it was a little different.
Even though I have a full-sized spare, I figured I’d better get my now-spare fixed before I get another flat. That’s just my luck. I took it to Les Schwab – a place that specializes in tires around this part of the country – and they patched it from the inside, then put the original tire back on (since differences in tread wear can affect all-wheel drive). While it normally costs $12.50, they didn’t charge me. Must be lucky, having been a first-time "buyer". I know I’ll be going back there should I ever need to again, though I hope I don’t.
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