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15 Minutes of Infamy

Why do attacks like at Virginia Tech and Columbine continue to happen? No doubt there’s something wrong with the attackers, but what better way to get their perverse message out to the masses than to shoot up a bunch of people and make national news, who will gladly air your message or even make a movie about the event.

Free speech can be dangerous, and I’m not arguing we shouldn’t have free speech or even restrictions which can slowly diminish our freedoms. What I do believe is that news outlets have a moral obligation to their readers and viewers, as well as their source. Recently, the name of a CIA official was leaked and the focus seemed to be on the White House source of the information, Karl Rove, but very little on that Time went on to leak the name in media. News outlets will tell you they have an obligation to report this news, but besides our enemies who actually cared about an operative’s name? It’s simply an excuse to attract more readers and viewers, if even for a moment. It’s about greed.

I refuse to watch the gruesome details or anything he who I shall not name thought. If his and so many others’ messages were not leaked, I believe we’d see less most-desperate cries for attention. And isn’t that what’s more important?

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