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Back from Hawaii

For Valentine’s Day, I surprised Tracy with a trip to Hawaii, or natively Hawai`i, for our 5th wedding anniversary. We arrived home from that trip last Sunday, and even though I posted photos prior we haven’t had a chance for too much more because we just closed on a house today! More on that later.
We had a good time, but right off the plane and traveling through Honolulu in our Ford Mustang convertible Tracy received a bad sunburn. We both applied sun screen liberally from then on.
We spent the first few days in Waikiki and, to be honest, I didn’t really care for it. Bad traffic, too many people, and expensive shops; we can visit all that in Seattle. The highlight was seeing friends that live just a few blocks off Waikiki beach. On Tuesday Will taught Tracy and I how to surf. Tracy was doing better than I did, though I did get up for a couple of seconds on the last run before I lost the will to go on. See, I wasn’t wearing a rash guard and the surfboard gave me a horrible rash and I was actually bleeding out. Tracy had a rash, too, but not nearly as severe since she had a bikini top on that also covered part of her stomach. It was worth it, though. I did buy a rash guard later that day but, unfortunately, didn’t have the need later to use it at the North Shore, famous for its surf. The season was over and the waters were calm.
Thanks to Rachel Ray, we also found a couple of good places to eat down there that weren’t too expensive and had fresh native fruits. We ate quite healthy down there and are trying to do a better job back home now.
On Wednesday we made our way along the east coast of Oahu – stopping to see some sights along the way – till we got the Turtle Bay Resort. This is a nice but very expensive resort that, but we had some most-helpful help from our friends. We enjoyed our stay there, and even got to see Mila Kunis (That 70’s Show; Family Guy) since a movie was being shot there. We visited quite a few places, and I finally got Tracy to try SPAM in a SPAM roll at another place Rachel mentioned up on the North Shore in Hale`iwa. I loved it and Tracy thought it was okay. Now the way is paved for me to make grilled SPAM topped with fresh pineapple! Truly scrumptious.
It was far more relaxing on the North Shore, and I was later told to "get away" the place to go is Kauai, natively known as Kaua`i. Probably next time much further down the road.
I’ve posted a few select pictures below, but for the full experience go to Photos and select the album "Hawaii".
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