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House Update, June 03, 2007

Tracy and I have been diligently working on our new house. While she has mainly been emptying boxes, I’ve been fixing these around the house and doing yard work.

Tracy has the kitchen well organized and there’s really only miscellaneous items left that we need to determine where to put them. We have plenty of room, but want some organization to where things can be found later. We had a lot more boxes than expected.

After buying a mower, I mowed our yard – the first time I’ve mowed since I was in high school. It was good. I’ve also been doing a lot of weeding and started thatching today with a thatching rake, but we’re going to need to rent a powered one because after covering only a few square feet I pulled up bushels of old, dead grass and – worse – moss. I’m also installing an air gap and networking a couple of rooms, but in both cases getting stuck from time to time.

We’ve got a few items for yard work and plumbing. We’ve been evaluating what type of power tools to get.

Suzy loves her yard, but she needs to better learn to potty on her own. She also does fairly well off-leash in the front yard which is not fenced in.

We’re looking to have a house-warming party soon so we’re trying to get a lot of things fixed to look nice. All in all, we love our new house and it’s a good find.

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