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There’s Grass in My Moss!

"There’s grass in my moss!" I exclaimed to Tracy after she came out to see how I was doing after hours of back-breaking, heart-pounding thatching by hand. There’s a terrible amount of moss and dead grass choking the good grass in our yard, which was quite obviously neglected.
I do plan on renting a thatching machine next weekend, but I was trying to thatch the thick moss by hand so that the moss killer can act better on what’s left. The thatching rake will come in handy in the future to maintain the lawn and even to cultivate the garden, which Tracy has been working on this weekend.
Below you can see a couple photos (more in the "Home" photo album) showing just how much a thatching rake in just a few small areas (probably about 25% of the total yard) picked up: literally bushels.
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