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Accidents Day and Night

Thursday nights for the past few months I have spent at work, working on the Windows Installer XML, or WiX, project. I left late last night – about 1:40 AM. I didn’t get home till 2:40 AM. It’s usually a 15 minute drive.

Traffic on I-405 was backed up for miles because some possibly drunk idiot crossed into a construction zone, hit a track, and killed one construction worker and injuring another. The guy had to be speeding, too, because there was nothing left of the front end of his SUV. Frankly, I’m surprised he even survived.

That wasn’t the first accident I had to sit through on "Thursday". That morning a typical 5-minute drive down 100th Ave NE took 30 minutes because of another accident. In this case everyone was fine, and the police really should’ve took their statements off to the side of the road instead of blocking morning rush hour traffic.

People need to slow down, wake up, pay attention to traffic, and stop driving drunk. Just the other day a lady here tied the record for the highest blood alcohol level: .50! It doesn’t help there are already too many people here and the landscape doesn’t exactly yield the best road plans.

The other day I was reading something and someone actually said that rural people should just move into the city. Please no. For one, we need our farmers – the real backbone of society – and there’s already too many people in cities.

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