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Now on Facebook

After months of friend’s telling me I should join Facebook, I have finally caved. Heath Stewart is now on Facebook. Tracy is too.

I have to say, though, it is quite nice. It’s much easier to use than Live Spaces, faster with the update (a problem with slow corporate giants), and lately I have had problems with Live Spaces. I won’t go into details because their support staff handle the situation quickly, though I did start my frantic quest for support internally since I work at Microsoft who owns Live Spaces.

I will still blog here but it will be reflected in my Notes application on Facebook. Frankly, Facebook just got social networking right (not that I’m a social butterfly). And tagging is a cinch – often even automatic. Tagging helps keep things organized and discoverable without a lot of fuss and is a major component of Web 2.0 (if you’re been wondering what that is).

If you’re not on Facebook I encourage you to join. You don’t have to publish your life like on I do on this blog, which I mainly do only for family and friends, but it does give you a place to tie your relationships together and even post little blurbs on your Wall which is kind of like blogging but is used more for little blurbs like that I got Adobe Photoshop CS3 – THE premier 2D graphics editing application – for a mere $50 through a mutual friend who works at Adobe.

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