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All in 5 Seconds

September 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Tracy and I switched over to the end of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game and saw the most intense 5 seconds.

Iowa State was down 12 to 13 at the 18 yard line and wound down the clock before the field goal to just 5 seconds. The 28-yard field goal was kicked in but with 1 second left on the clock. Everyone except the head coach started celebrating including us – it’s not often Iowa State beats Iowa, especially when Iowa State is 0-2 up to this game for this season.

Iowa State kicked off the ball to Iowa, but the receiver just kept running through the Iowa State defense like a hot knife through butter. Finally, the last defender on our special team tackled the receiver at Iowa State’s 30 yard line. Game over.

We – and from the sound of the crowd – everyone else was on the edge of our seats and gasping in these last 5 seconds but Iowa State came out victorious in the end. Good job, ISU, and keep it up in future games!

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Waterfall Complete

September 10, 2007 2 comments

After far too long, I have put the finishing touches on our waterfall. It started out as a loose collection of flagstone and retaining wall blocks but now natural rock and river stone. We unburied the formed pond and I leveled it, reburied it, and landscaped around it. That should make it easier to mow and will keep the tall grasses down. Before the grasses were very high and growing between border rock.

Building the waterfall was fairly complicated and it looks nothing like those done by the professionals, like we saw at Russell Water Gardens in Redmond. Still, though, it looks nice and it’s my creation. I had fill a couple of holes with foam – as is common I read. The water was barely leaking but would’ve just ran down the rubber sheet underneath anyway. I just didn’t want the water filtering through the sand picking up grit.


Now we just need to figure out why the plants you see in the background – which were there when we moved in – are seemingly dying. The leaves are horribly withered and even seem chewed up a little bit. Other than that and the rocks you don’t see that will soon be removed, the corner looks great.

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Robot Teaches Itself to Walk, Even with Damage

September 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Take a look at This starfish-shaped robot teaches itself to walk through self-introspection. A video is also available on along with pictures.

Even when one of the legs of this robot is damaged (removed), it teaches itself to walk again.

This is an incredibly fascinating accomplishment…but still very creepy.